Keith Sanderson

Keith shared these words on the first anniversary of his Cochlear™ Baha® fitting. 

"What a huge difference Baha has made to my life, far far more than just being able to hear again.
Previously, my active social and community activities faded as I became hearing-challenged. I am told that I withdrew into myself and became depressed, not joining in conversations or guessing what was said and answering inappropriately or cutting across other people speaking. 
The processor is very simple to clip on and off. The streaming system is an added bonus.  
My family, friends and colleagues tell me that I am ‘livable’ with again, hearing everything, joining in conversations, listening to TV at normal volumes and taking on community responsibilities again. 
I am now back in the land of the all-hearing, and am delighted and all-grateful to everyone, including my family who insisted that I went ahead. 
I just want everyone to know the difference it has made to my life – it is like a new beginning. 
I cannot praise Southern ENT (and Cochlear™ Baha®) enough!”~Keith Sanderson~ Implanted 2018