Cochlear Tots Program

Tersia Foxcroft is an experienced teacher currently working at a short term remedial school in Durban. She is also a qualified Listening and Spoken Language Practitioner (South African accredited course). 

With the support of the Durban Cochlear Implant Programme and the Hearing Always Foundation Trust, Mrs Foxcroft has developed an intervention programme based on the principles of Auditory Verbal Therapy where parents and caregivers are coached and guided on how to promote communication using listening. Her focus group includes hearing impaired 1-4 years old toddlers with cochlear implants, bone anchored hearing systems or hearing aids. The group therapy sessions aim to empower parents and caregivers by equipping them with the tools, skills and knowledge to ensure that their child gets the maximum benefit from their hearing technology to acquire spoken language through listening.

In partnership with Southern ENT, Mrs Foxcroft has recorded monthly group therapy sessions which are available for reviewing online via the Cochlear Tots intervention resources. The Cochlear Tots intervention project aims to provide teachers, therapists, audiologists, caretakers and parents with ideas, examples and a basic template on how to create an appropriate environment for language learning through listening at home and during daily interactions and routines. Each recorded video has an accompanying therapy planning example which consists of various goals that are differentiated at three different listening levels and, whenever appropriate, including three different paediatric developmental levels.

The videos and therapy planning templates include examples of the various goals, strategies and techniques that can be used to stimulate and teach spoken language across the various developmental domains through fun and routine activities. The Cochlear Tots materials demonstrate practical ways that one can develop spoken language through listening and should therefore be individualized should they be used for other children with hearing impairments. The Cochlear Tots material is not meant to replace regular communication therapy with an appropriately qualified speech-language therapist, it is to be used as a supplement to regular communication therapy.

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