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Cochlear­™ Nucleus® Recipients -Hannah Roopen, Liane Joseph, Lindi Walters, Alexzandra Celestino, Peace Aloyni, Skylar van Rooyen, Zeta Loubser, Zian Loubser & Devina Begg
Cochlear™ Recipient - Daniel Meyer
Cochlear™ Nucleus® Recipient - Zaeem Tahier
Cochlear™ Baha® Recipient - James Cook
Cochlear® Recipients -Nicole & Ashleigh Bredenveldt

We are the proud sole distributors of Cochlear™ Nucleus®, Baha® and Osia® systems, GN ReSound and Deafmetal® products in South Africa.

We enable people with all hearing impairments to hear so they may realise their full potential.

Cochlear™ Nucleus®8
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ReSound ONE
Baha® 6 Max
Nucleus® Kanso® 2
The Cochlear™ Baha® 5 family powers up
Baha® Connect System
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Baha® Attract System
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ReSound ONE
ReSound Linx quattro
Resound Enzo q
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Diagnosing hearing loss How cochlear solutions work
Cochlear™ Nucleus®
Cochlear™ Baha®
True Wireless®
Nucleus® Implants
Baha® Implant

- Jenni Ahtiainen, Designer & Founder of DEAFMETAL®

"Everything has a starting point, and making a change, especially with a new innovation is never going to be easy. Expectations from other people will rise faster than you can grow. They’ll question you. They’ll put you down. They won’t play nice. Remember that every business has its infancy. Every change starts with your own perspective. If something isn’t right, you are the only one who can make a change. So, make it, and others will follow. Always see beyond problems. Remember, one day you’ll be glad you weren’t the one who gave up. So many of us do. “ 

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