Tahseen Ahmed. Implanted in 1995

Tahseen was born with a hearing loss.  She was fitted with hearing aids at a young age and wore them until age 11 when the hearing aids did not provide enough benefit anymore.  Tahseen was referred for a Cochlear implant evaluation.

Tahseen received her Cochlear Implant at age 12.  “My parents needed to make the decision to make me part of a world with sound or keep me in quiet.  I think they made the right decision.” Tahseen shares with us.


“When my Cochlear Implant was first switched on I was very excited to hear my mom’s voice. Hearing my mom made me so happy.” Tahseen said.

After Tahseen’s Cochlear Implant, she shares that she became socially active and confident, she could talk more easily to people and became more independent with not having to rely on her mother for help with hearing.

Tahseen graduated in 2007 with an honours degree in Occupational Therapy from UWC.  She is currently the chief occupational therapist at Groote Schuur Hospital.  “I would not have been able to have achieved the position I am currently in without my Cochlear Implant; I might not even have been able to complete my studies.” Tahseen says with graititude.

Tahseen absolutely loves music, traveling, watching movies and spending time with her friends.  She also expresses that she has so much appreciation for the impact her being able to hear has made on her personal relationships.